Borrowing calculator help

Employed/Retired clients

  • Enter the annual gross income amount. If the applicant has 2 part-time jobs which equate to a single full time job (up to 40 hours), we will utilise 100% of both incomes; enter the full amount in the "Annual gross income" box.
  • For day rate contractors, please enter 46 weeks gross income only. This also applies where there are 2 contracts.
  • If the applicant has a full-time job (main job) and a part-time job, we will use 100% of the income from the second job - please enter the gross income amount for the second job.
  • For bonus, overtime, commission and allowances, enter the gross annual amount received. Any payments made in lieu of benefits can also be included within one of these boxes.
  • Retired applicants: if the applicant is within 10 years of retirement - only enter the post retirement income or current salary whichever is lower. 'Retirement' is defined as age 70 or the applicant's retirement age whichever is earlier.
  • If the applicant is receiving pension or annuity income and employment income, include 100% of pension or annuity income in the “Annual Gross Income” box.
  • The Childcare Voucher scheme is paid via the applicant(s) salary and is declared on their payslip. Enter the gross annual amount based on the monthly amount declared. Please also ensure the Childcare Voucher amount is included in the annual gross income field.
  • The acceptable Zero Hours occupations are:
    -   NHS Bank nurses and locums
    -   Non-NHS Bank nurses
    -   Care Home Workers
    -   Supermarket Workers
    -   HGV Drivers
    -   Retained / On-Call Firefighters
    -   Armed Forces Reserves
    -   Supply Teachers
  • 12 months minimum evidence is needed for acceptable zero hours occupation