Borrowing calculator help

Monthly outgoings

  • Enter the monthly amount for all outgoings listed.
  • Other significant outgoings are outgoings that the applicant(s) could not or would not cease paying if they needed to reduce expenditure, including service charges, factor fees & ground rent.
  • Childcare Vouchers should be included in the monthly school/nursery/childcare fees field. State the amount declared on the applicant(s) payslip. Also include any additional amount the applicant(s) pay directly.
  • Monthly mortgage payments unless the mortgage is being repaid, or the mortgaged property is let or you plan to let.
  • Please ensure you enter the debts which are to be repaid in the appropriate section.
  • If the applicant regularly uses an overdraft facility, please enter the amount they were overdrawn at the end of the latest month. If the applicant has more than one overdraft, please enter the total of all overdrafts.


  • General outgoings, food, fuel, council tax utilities
  • Any mortgage payments if the mortgage will be repaid before your new one begins
  • The Equity Loan monthly repayment will be automatically calculated for Help To Buy applications
  • We do not take contributions to a pension scheme as an outgoing