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Check Our Approved Solicitor Panel

In order for us to fully process any mortgage application, all solicitors and legal representatives appointed must first be registered to our approved solicitor panel.

Please use the tool below to check if a selected solicitor is registered.

If you are a broker applying for a mortgage

If a solicitor or legal representative has already been appointed for your case, you can use the tool below to check if they are on our approved panel.

If a solicitor has not been appointed, you may want to consider our independent conveyancing service to find, compare quotes, and appoint a solicitor online for your client from a selection of over 150 pre-approved firms. In return using the service, you will receive £100 on completion of the mortgage directly from eConveyancer.

If you are a solicitor

You can use the tool below to check that you are still active on our approved list. If you need to register, re-apply, or add an office to our solicitor panel, please visit our information for lawyers section where you can find guidance and application forms to download.

To search for a solicitor who is on our approved panel, please enter either the postcode, company name or both.